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  • ectofly pour on applicator

    Ectofly Pour On Applicator

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  • flectron fly tag applicator

    Flectron Fly Tag Applicator

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  • spotinor applicator

    Spotinor Applicator

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  • flimabend for chickens and pigs

    Flimabend 100mg suspension for chickens and pigs

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  • agrimin 24/7 smartrace plus sheep

    Agrimin 24/7 smartrace plus sheep pack of 50

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  • lamb rings

    Lamb rings

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  • Lamb teat agrihealth

    Lamb teat Agrihealth Pritchard (screw on)

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  • bovivet teat plugs

    Bovivet teat plugs pack of 10

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  • bovivet cow magnet

    Bovivet cow magnet pack of 10

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  • bovivet cow magnet gun

    Bovivet Cow Magnet Gun

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  • Farmer's medicine book

    Farmer’s medicine book

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