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  • aerohippus respiratory system for horses

    AeroHippus Respiratory System

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  • animeloxan injection for horses, cattle and pigs

    Animeloxan 20mg/ml solution for injection

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  • bottle of colvasone solution for injection

    Colvasone Solution for Injection 50ml

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  • bottle of depomedrone injectable steroid for dogs cats and horses

    Depomedrone 40mg/ml suspension

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  • dialterol syrup for horses

    Dilaterol Syrup for Horses

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  • 1 litre bottle of doxivet antibiotic for pigs chickens horses

    Doxivet 200mg/ml solution

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  • enroxil antibiotic solution licensed for use in chickens and turkeys

    Enroxil Oral Solution 1L

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  • tube of equibactin oral paste for horses

    Equibactin Oral Paste for Horses 45g

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  • box of 100 50mg equipped tablets

    Equipred 50mg tablets for Horses

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  • finadyne paste for horses

    Finadyne Paste for Horses

    for 6 X 10g syringes £84.55
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  • tube of isathal eye ointment for dogs cats horses

    Isathal Eye Drops Suspension

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  • lanflox antibiotic licensed for use in chickens and turkeys

    Lanflox 100mg/ml solution 1L

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  • tube of ophtocycline 10mg/g eye ointment for dogs, cats and horses

    Ophtocycline 10mg/g Eye Ointment for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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  • opticlox eye ointment for dogs, cats,horses,cattle and sheep

    Opticlox Eye Ointment 16.7%

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  • tube of relaquine gel which contains acp to help sedate horses

    Relaquine Gel for Horses

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  • tube of acp containing sedation gel used to sedate horses

    Sedalin Oral Gel for Horses

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