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  • albex 2.5% drench for sheep

    Albex 2.5% Oral Suspension

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  • dycoxan oral solution for worming calves and lambs

    Dycoxan 2.5mg/ml oral solution

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  • tolracol oral solution for pigs, cattle and sheep

    Tolracol 50mg/ml Oral Suspension

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  • vecoxan oral suspension for calves and lambs

    Vecoxan 2.5mg/ml oral suspension

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  • combinex wormer for sheep

    Combinex for Sheep

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  • zolvix oral worming solution for sheep

    Zolvix 2.5% Oral Solution for Sheep

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  • flimabend for chickens and pigs

    Flimabend 100mg suspension for chickens and pigs

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  • panacur horses cattle sheep

    Panacur 10% suspension for Cattle, Sheep and Horses

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