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Farm animal medication

  • 100ml bottle of adrenaline injection for cattle

    Adrenacaine Injection for Cattle

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  • advocin 180 injection for cattle

    Advocin 18mg/ml injectable solution 50ml

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  • advocin 2.5% injection for cattle

    Advocin 2.5% solution for injection 100ml

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  • aivlosin antibiotic powder for pigs

    Aivlosin Soluble Granules

    per sachet £44.49
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  • 140g can of alamycin aerosol spray

    Alamycin Aerosol Spray 140g

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  • 100ml bottle of alamcyin la 200mg/ml

    Alamycin LA 200mg/ml Injection 100ml

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  • 100ml bottle of alamycin la 300mg/ml injection

    Alamycin LA 300mg/ml injection 100ml

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  • albex 2.5% drench for sheep

    Albex 2.5% Oral Suspension

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  • amfipen la injection for dogs, cats, pigs, cattle and sheep

    Amfipen LA 100mg/ml 80ml

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  • animeloxan injection for horses, cattle and pigs

    Animeloxan 20mg/ml solution for injection

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  • 50ml bottle of carprieve injection for cattle

    Carprieve Injection for Cattle

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  • cephaguard dry cow tubes by virbac

    Cephaguard DC 24 Pack

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  • cepravin dry cow tubes dairy cows

    Cepravin Dry Cow 250mg intramammary suspension

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  • syringes of charcovet gel

    Charcovet Gel

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  • bottle of colvasone solution for injection

    Colvasone Solution for Injection 50ml

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  • 5ml bottle of detonervin horse sedative

    Detonervin Injection for Horses

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