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Small Animal

Farm Animal

  • syringes of charcovet gel

    Charcovet Gel

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  • bottle of ketink injection for cattle, pigs and horses

    Ketink Injection for Cattle, Pigs and Horses

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  • packs of reconcile chewable tablets for dogs

    Reconcile Tablets for Dogs

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  • bottle of vigophos for cattle

    Vigophos Injection for Cattle

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  • derbymed cotangent preavtive for horses

    Derbymed Cutargent Preactive

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  • aloeze shampoo for dogs and cats

    Aloeze Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo

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  • respimin respiratory supplement for coughing horses

    Respimin Respiratory Supplement for Horses

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  • enrotron antibiotic solution enrofloxacin

    Enrotron 100mg/ml solution 1 Litre

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