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Farm Animal

  • packs of cladaxxa tablets for cats and dogs

    Cladaxxa Chewable Tablets for Cats and Dogs

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  • tolracol oral solution for pigs, cattle and sheep

    Tolracol 50mg/ml Oral Suspension

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  • flimabend for chickens and pigs

    Flimabend 100mg suspension for chickens and pigs

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  • Tuloxxin for cattle sheep and pigs

    Tuloxxin 100mg/ml injectable solution

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  • Selehold Spot-on Solution for Dogs and Cats

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  • otoxolan

    Otoxolan Ear Drops Suspension for Dogs

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  • milprazon wormer dog

    Milprazon Flavoured Tablets for Dogs

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  • pack of milprazon chewable wormer tablets for cats

    Milprazon Flavoured Tablets for Cats

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  • fleascreen cat

    Fleascreen Combo Cat 50mg (Pack of 3)

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