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Collovet Liquid 1 Litre


Collovet is a complementary feeding supplement for cattle, horses, cats and dogs.

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Collovet is a complementary feeding supplement for cattle, horses, cats and dogs.

Collovet Liquid is a trace mineral and vitamin supplement which provides Copper, Iron, Manganese and B Vitamins to promote improved feeding utilisation. It is especially useful as a dietary supplement at times of illness, reproductive stress or hard work.

Collovet contains a blend of natural antioxidants that help to neutralise the bi-products of metabolism, effective when metabolic rates are high.

Dosage Rate:
Simply add to required dosage to water, milk or feed:

Horses & Cattle: 40ml per 250kg two or three times daily.
Foals & Calves: 10 to 20ml twice daily in milk.
Dogs: 2.5ml per 10kg two or three times daily.


Collovet should be used for approximately 5 to 10 days depending on the speed of response and signs of recovery.

For performance animals discontinue at least 14 days prior to racing.