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Douxo Care Mousse 200ml


DOUXO® Care is a gentle maintenance formula that keeps the most sensitive skin healthy.

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DOUXO® Care is a gentle maintenance formula that keeps the most sensitive skin healthy. It contains the patented molecule Phytosphingosine, a fundamental component of ceramides, found naturally in the skin and ensuring the cohesion of the skin barrier.

A strong barrier is what helps your pet’s skin defend itself against bacteria, yeasts, allergens, and all the other bad guys out there. Phytosphingosine is a key player in skin functions and helps protect the skin barrier ecosystem of your canine and feline friend.


    Routine skin care, suitable for use in dogs and cats of all skin types including sensitive skins. Contains Phytosphingosine to protect the skin barrier.


    External use only. Shake well before use. Apply DOUXO® Care Mousse onto a dry and brushed coat. Dispense 1 or 2 sprays onto the hand and then apply the mousse to the animal, covering the whole body, avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth. Massage into the hair coat in order for the product to reach the skin. Do not rinse. Let air dry. Brush to bring a shine to the coat.

    Use every 3 days for intensive care. For maintenance, can be used only once a week.

    Body weight





    How many pumps? 1 per kg* 1 per 2 kg*
    Number of application per bottle 50 50 25 18

    *dosage can be doubled for long-haired dogs


    • Phytosphingosine: universal pro-ceramide, natural constituant of the skin barrier lipids.
    • Raspberry seed oil, contains 98% unsaturated fatty acids, natural constituants of the skin barrier.
    • Hydrolised oat extract: hydrating and conditioning.
    • Melon-­cucumber fragrance to leave on the skin a delicate fragrance. Concentration under the threshold for declared risk of skin sensitization.

    All DOUXO® products contain 0% Paraben.