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Audevard Ekyflex Arthro Evo Joint Supplement for Horses


Has been formulated to wholly support your horses joints in the short and long term

Ekyflex Arthro EVO contains concentrated, complementary ingredients, which offer full support and protection of the joint, from cartilage and synovial fluid to subchondral bone. It is perfect for veterans, stabled horses and those showing signs of stiffness.

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Ekyflex Arthro EVO is the future of joint protection.  With 65% of new generation active ingredients, titrated and selected by Audevards veterinarians, this formula doesn’t contain any animal ingredients and respects the physiology of the horse. It is no longer a question of protecting only the cartilage but all the components of the joint: the cartilage, the synovial fluid and the subchondral bone. This triple protection frees your horse’s stride and maintains a fluid movement.

Our advice

Ekyflex Arthro EVO is used for a minimum period of 2 months.  Ekyflex Arthro EVO joint supplement can be used for long periods or continuously throughout the year. Completely compatible with competition.

Professional Format

  • 450g box – Sufficient for up to 15 days use in support dose.
  • 900g box – Sufficient for up to 30 days use in support dose.
  • 1,8kg box – Sufficient for up to 60 days use in support dose.
  • 4,5kg box – Sufficient for up to 150 days use in support dose.
  • 12kg box – Sufficient for up to 400 days use in support dose.


PELLETS – Complementary feed designed for joint protection and comfort.

 Daily allowance:
• Support dose : 1 measure once a day during periods of competition, intense activity or for 1 to 2 months before an event. The dose can be doubled on the advice of your veterinarian.
• Maintenance dose: 1 half-measure during non-intensive periods.

For a pony, divide the measures by 2; support: 1/2 dose, maintenance: 1/4 dose.

1 dose = 30g

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