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Equilis Prequenza Suspension for Injection for Horses


Equilis Prequenza is used for immunisation against Equine Influenza in horses

Legal Category : POM-V

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Indications for use
Active immunisation of horses from 6 months of age against equine influenza to reduce clinical signs and virus excretion after infection.
Onset of immunity:
2 weeks after the primary vaccination course
Duration of immunity:
5 months after the primary vaccination course
1 year after the first revaccination


Amounts to be administered and administration route

Intramuscular use.
Allow the vaccine to reach room temperature before use.
Vaccination schedule:
  • Primary vaccination course
Administer one dose (1 ml) by intramuscular injection according to the following schedule:
• Primary vaccination course: first injection from 6 months of age, second injection 4 weeks later.
  • Revaccination
It is recommended that a single booster dose should only be administered to horses that have already received a primary vaccination course using vaccines that contain the same types of equine influenza virus included in this vaccine. A primary vaccination course may be considered necessary in horses that have not been suitably primed.
The first revaccination (third dose) is given 5 months after the primary vaccination course. This revaccination results in immunity to equine influenza lasting at least 12 months.
The second revaccination is given 12 months after the first revaccination.
The alternate use, at 12 months interval, of a suitable vaccine against equine influenza, containing the strains A/equine-2/South Africa/4/03 and A/equine-2/Newmarket-2/93, is recommended to maintain immunity levels for the influenza component (see schedule).
30 months
Scheme 1
Prequenza Te
Prequenza Te
Prequenza Te
Scheme 2
In case of increased infection risk or insufficient colostrum intake, an additional initial injection can be given at the age of 4 months followed by the full vaccination programme (primary vaccination course at 6 months of age and 4 weeks later).