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Pyratape P Wormer for Horses


Pyratape P wormer is a paste that contains Pyrantel. One syringe contains enough paste to treat a 600kg horse. At double the dose, it is effective against tapeworm.

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Pyratape P is effective against small strongyles (although not larvae encysted in the gut wall); large stronglyes; ascarids (roundworm) & pinworms; at double the recommended dose, it is also effective against tapeworm.

Resistance can occur with over use of wormers, especially repeated use of the same class of anthelmintic. Faecal egg counts & EquiSal Tapeworm Saliva tests are an important part of an effective worming programme. We would always recommend managing worms in horses by using a combination of faecal worm egg counts, tapeworm saliva testing, pasture management and targeted worming. Check out our information on worming your horse here


Use of Pyratape P
  • Warnings & Contraindications– Wash hands after administration.
  • Pregnancy & Lactation– Safe to use during pregnancy & lactation. Do not give pyratape p to foals who are less than 4 weeks old.
  • Passport Requirements- This medication cannot be used in horses intended for human consumption. Your vet must have signed Section 9 of your horse’s passport (or Section 2 for passports issued after 1st January 2016).

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