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Sedalin 35mg/ml Oral Gel for Horses -10ml

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Legal category: POM-V
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Sedalin 35mg Oral Gel is used for the sedation of horses. The desired effects observed after treatment with Sedalin Oral Gel includes a general tranquillizing effect, anti-emetic effect and a slight antihistaminic effect.

Sedalin gel can be given directly into the mouth or mixed with food. It starts to take effect in 15-30 minutes and can last approximately 6 hours. Length and depth of sedation are variable, and it provides no pain relief.

The dose can be varied depending on the desired level of sedation- if only mild sedation is required, give half the recommended dose, however if deep sedation is required, give 1 & a half times the recommended dose.

One syringe will do 5 doses (2ml) of moderate sedation for a 450kg horse.

Warnings & Contraindications

Do not use sedation gel  in animals who are in shock or post trauma, or with existing severe emotional excitation or epilepsy. Wash hands after administration.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Sedalin gel not be used in pregnant or lactating mares. Only use under veterinary advice in stallions, as acepromazine can cause penile prolapse.


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