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Brewbix Dog Treats (100g box)


Brewbix are tasty dog treats made from by products of the brewing industry.

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BrewBix is…

  • Upcycled from craft brewery grain and yeast

  • Made with all natural ingredients

  • Good for your dog’s digestion

  • Good for your dog’s skin and coat

  • Vegan friendly

  • Delivered in 100% plastic-free, recyclable packaging

  • Carbon Negative!

Brewbix have done everything they can to minimise the impact of these biscuits on the planet. They measured the carbon that was required to produce each batch, and offset TWICE that amount. Therefore, by buying these biscuits you are helping to remove carbon from the earth’s atmosphere!

BrewBix are entirely vegan!

We aren’t dog nutrition experts and so won’t weigh in heavily on whether dogs should be vegan or not. Our instinct is that it is easier for dogs to get all the nutrition they need by including meat in their diet, however that doesn’t mean that every biscuit they eat has to include meat.

We believe the following is true:

  • Meat production puts a lot of strain on the environment
  • Plant-based foods can be very nutritious for dogs
  • Dog biscuits don’t have to have all the nutrition that a dog needs – it’s a treat after all!

Therefore, it makes sense to us that dog treats are vegan. We see no real need to add meat, so we won’t do so. Especially as we know plenty of dogs that love our Bix!

These dog treats are amazing!

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