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Caninsulin Vetpen



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The First and Only Insulin Pen for Dogs & Cats, VetPen makes giving insulin injections to pets simple and accurate.

For years, insulin pens have enabled humans to manage their diabetes simply and accurately. VetPen allows pet owners to enjoy the same convenience and accuracy when managing their pet’s diabetes.

Designed Specifically for use with Caninsulin

Available in two sizes:
8 IU VetPen with dosing increments of 0.5IU
16 IU VetPen with dosing increments of 1 IU

It is the first such device designed exclusively for use with Caninsulin® in diabetic dogs and cats. VetPen makes for easy handling, dosing and more rapid injection preparation. Measure doses simply by turning the dial to draw up the selected dose, then insert the needle through the pet’s skin and inject the insulin with the push of a button (which reduces the chance of dosing errors).

Not to be used with other types of insulin. The VetPen needs to be refrigerated after a cartridge has been started, Caninsulin® cartridges should be refrigerated and protected from light before opening, and the VetPen should always be stored or carried with the needle removed and the cap on. To clean the device, wipe it with a damp cloth and do not immerse it in water. The VetPen pen is reusable – prime the device before the use of each new cartridge and mix the insulin prior to each injection. When all the insulin has been used, you simply remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one.

Please note: The Caninsulin® VetPen Starter Pack does NOT contain Caninsulin®. This must be purchased separately and will require a veterinary prescription.


Caninsulin® VetPen Starter Packs are available in the following sizes:
  • One Pen – Small (0.5iu – 8iu)
  • One Pen – Large (1iu – 16iu)