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Synovium Mudcare


Synovium Mudcare 500ml

A unique formula of sufficient sulphur and natural honey to promote healthy skin and tissue.

  • Supports healing of wounds and damaged skin & tissue cells with sulfur and honey
  • Skin is made up of collagen, which depends of the availabilty of sufficient sulphur to support healing
  • Honey has a low pH-value; bacteria cannot survive in an acid environment
  • Lanolin keeps the skin flexible and moistureproof
  • Ideal for wounds, sores and skin conditions such as Mudfever, Sweetitch.
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Synovium Mudcare contains a unqiue formula of sufficient sulfur and concentrated pure honey for optimum healing of the horses skin and damaged tissue. Sulfur and honey can be applied to wounds, cuts, sores and skin conditions such as Mud fever and sweetitch.

Sulfur is present in all bodies tissues and is essential for healthy skin. Sulfur it is an antispeptic, helping to kill bacteria and fungi on the skin. Collagen synthesis, which is essential to the structure of skin cells, strongly depends on the availability of sufficient sulfur which is provided in Synovium Mudcare.

Honey has been used since ancient times for healing because it has a low pH-value; bacteria cannot survive in an acid environment. Honey contains small amounts of enzymes that help maintain a healthy skin and combat irritation of the skin.

Lanolin keeps the skin flexible and moistureproof. Our formula has been uniquely developed by our team of vets to provide something you can rely on time and time again. A nourishing ointment that every horse owners needs in their tack box.



Clean the skin thoroughly. Apply the ointment to the skin in the desired places 2 to 3 times a day with clean hands. For a better effect, apply a clean bandage after application to keep the skin clean.