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Farm Animal

  • bottle of enisyl F paste for cats. Used to help with recovery from herpes virus

    Enisyl F Oral Paste for Cats 100ml

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  • packs of felpreva for a variety of size of cat. Helps treat fleas, ticks and worms in cats

    Felpreva Spot On Solution for Cats

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  • pack of flexadin advanced for dogs

    Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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  • tube of acp containing sedation gel used to sedate horses

    Sedalin Oral Gel for Horses

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  • zylkene calming supplement for dogs and cats

    Zylkene Calming Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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  • zylkene equine calming supplement

    Zylkene Equine

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  • domosedan gel for horses

    Domosedan Gel for Horses – 3ml

    per tube £34.77
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  • Upcard Tablets for Dogs

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  • trimediazine sachet horses

    Trimediazine Oral Sachets for Horses

    per sachet £3.99
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  • sedalin gel

    Sedalin 35mg/ml Oral Gel for Horses -10ml

    per tube £25.50
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  • profender cats

    Profender Spot-on solution for Cats

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  • propalin dog

    Propalin 40mg/ml Syrup for Dogs

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  • Dronspot Spot-on Wormer for Cats

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  • Droncit Spot on Cat Tapewormer (Pack of 4)

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  • Droncit Tapewormer tablet for Cats and Dogs

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  • Drontal cat wormer

    Drontal Cat XL Worming Tablet for Large Cats (over 4kg)

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