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Farm Animal

  • advocin 180 injection for cattle

    Advocin 18mg/ml injectable solution 50ml

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  • advocin 2.5% injection for cattle

    Advocin 2.5% solution for injection 100ml

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  • cazitel plus wormer for dogs

    Cazitel Plus Wormer for Dogs

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  • cazitel worming tablets for cats

    Cazitel Worming Tablet for Cats

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  • bottle of depomedrone injectable steroid for dogs cats and horses

    Depomedrone 40mg/ml suspension

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  • box of 2 X 1ml vials of solensia injection for cats

    Solensia injection for Cats

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  • bottle of synulox palatable antibiotic drops for cats and dogs.

    Synulox palatable drops 15ml

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  • zylexis injections for horses

    Zylexis Injection for Horses

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  • librela injection dog

    Librela solution for injection

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  • Duphacort Q injection

    Duphacort Q 0.2% injection

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  • Cytopoint vials

    Cytopoint Injection for dogs

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  • deosect


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  • Stronghold Spot-on for Dogs and Cats

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  • packs of simparica flea and tick treatment for dogs

    Simparica Tablets for Dogs

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  • Synulox Palatable Tablets for dogs and cats

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  • simparica trio dog

    Simparica Trio Chewable Tablets for Dogs

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