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Synovium Myobuilder


Synovium Myobuilder – Veterinary Muscle Builder Pellets 1kg tub

MYOBUILDER is an advanced muscle building supplement for horses, developed for the athlete who is in the build-up phase of the training. NEW VETERINARY FORMULA 2021.

  • The combination of natural muscle proteins, L Carnitine and Gamma Oryzanol for optimal muscle developement
  • HMB helps prevent muscle damage, breakdown and supports muscle development
  • Added Natural Vitamin E essential to the horse for healthy muscles function
  • No added sugars, a none heating formula which is safe for use during competition
  • Veterinary trialled and recommended – 2 month course during training
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Synovium Myobuilder is an advanced muscle builder for horses, developed for the athlete who is in the build-up phase of training. Carefully formulated by our leading vets, none heating and competition legal muscle building supplement in pellet form.

Synovium Myobuilder is an all round muscle supplement supporting bone and muscular development.  Correctly developed muscles will help keep a horse healthy and give strength to the total body configuration.

Containing HMB (β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid) a metabolite of the amino acid leucine. Scientifically proven to support the process by which the muscles repair and recover following exercise. HMB helps prevent muscle breakdown and therefore supports muscle strength and power.

The combination of natural muscle proteins, L-Carnitine and Gamma Oryzanol makes faster muscle building possible. While added natural ( d-alpha tocopherol) Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant which can not by made by the horse, is essential to the horse for healthy muscles function and to support the immune and nervous system.

Pysllium Husk supports gut health and provides a natural source of fibre, required for muscle mass.

The muscular system is extremely important for the proper functioning of the horse. Having a powerful muscle mass can help prevent injuries by supporting the skeleton and joints.

The ingredients used are not on the FEI doping list. Please observe applicable rules of your federation during competitions.
This product is manufactured under GMP + license in a controlled facility.


  • Horse: add 1 scoop (40g) to the feed daily
  • Pony: add 1/3 scoop (13g) to the feed daily
  • Not suitable for foals
  • For optimum results, a course of 2 months is recommended for horses in training.