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Small Animal

Farm Animal

  • albex 2.5% drench for sheep

    Albex 2.5% Oral Suspension

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  • tube of animal horse wormer in packaging

    Animec Wormer for Horses

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  • dycoxan oral solution for worming calves and lambs

    Dycoxan 2.5mg/ml oral solution

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  • prazitel wormer for cats

    Prazitel Worming Tablets for Cats and Dogs

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  • ridaworm dog wormer packaging

    Ridaworm Dog Wormer

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  • bottle of zerofen wormer for cattle

    Zerofen Worm Drench 10% Oral Suspension

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  • chanazone horse

    Chanazone 1g Oral Powder for Horses

    per sachet £0.79£74.99
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  • rheumocam oral medication

    Rheumocam for Dogs and Cats

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  • Rheumocam oral suspension for horses

    Rheumocam 15mg/ml Oral Suspension for Horses

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  • osteopen dogs and horses

    Osteopen 100mg/ml solution for injection

    per bottle £66.99
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  • fipnil plus dogs

    Fipnil Plus Spot on Solution for Dogs – Pack of 3

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  • Fipnil Plus Spot-onSolution for Cats 0.5ml

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  • imidaflea dogs cats

    Imidaflea Spot-on Solution for Cats, Rabbits and Dogs

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  • Canidryl dog

    Canidryl flavour tablets for dogs

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  • Clinacin antibiotic

    Clinacin tablets for dogs

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