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  • bottle of dermanolon spray for dogs and cats dermatitis

    Dermanolon Spray for Dogs and Cats

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  • box of 0.5mg dexacortone chewable tablets for cats and dogs

    Dexacortone Chewable Tablets for Cats and Dogs

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  • dialterol syrup for horses

    Dilaterol Syrup for Horses

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  • enroxil antibiotic solution licensed for use in chickens and turkeys

    Enroxil Oral Solution 1L

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  • tube of equibactin oral paste for horses

    Equibactin Oral Paste for Horses 45g

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  • finilac oral solution of cats and dogs variety of bottle sizes

    Finilac Oral Solution for Dogs and Cats

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  • pack of fungicanizol tablets for dogs - used to treat ringworm

    Fungiconazol Tablets for Dogs

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  • 100ml bottle of genta equine injection for horses

    Genta-Equine Injection for Horses

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  • pack of HY-50 injection for horses

    HY-50 Vet

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  • pack of hypercard for cats

    Hypercard 10mg tablets for Cats

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  • tube of isathal eye ointment for dogs cats horses

    Isathal Eye Drops Suspension

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  • tub of 325mg libromide tablets for dogs

    Libromide 325mg tablets for Dogs

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  • 118ml bottle of malacetic ear cleaner for dogs and cats.

    Malacetic Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats 118ml

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  • malaseb medicated shampoo for dogs

    Malaseb shampoo

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  • tube of mirataz ointment for cats

    Mirataz 20mg/g Transdermal Ointment for Cats

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  • tube of ophtocycline 10mg/g eye ointment for dogs, cats and horses

    Ophtocycline 10mg/g Eye Ointment for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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