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Farm Animal

  • amfipen la injection for dogs, cats, pigs, cattle and sheep

    Amfipen LA 100mg/ml 80ml

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  • cepravin dry cow tubes dairy cows

    Cepravin Dry Cow 250mg intramammary suspension

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  • finadyne paste for horses

    Finadyne Paste for Horses

    for 6 X 10g syringes £84.55
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  • panacur worming granules for dogs and cats

    Panacur Worming Granules for Dogs and Cats

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  • optimmune eye ointment dog

    Optimmune Eye Ointment for Dogs 2mg/g

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  • engemycin spray

    Engemycin spray

    per bottle £10.75
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  • finadyne pour on solution for cattle

    Finadyne pour on solution for cattle 250ml

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  • finadyne injection

    Finadyne injection solution 50mg/ml

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  • Dexafort injection

    Dexafort injection

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  • dexadreson bottle

    Dexadreson 2mg/ml injection

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  • depocillin injectable penicillin

    Depocillin 300mg/ml suspension for injection 100ml

    per bottle £12.49
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  • Caninsulin vetpen needles

    Caninsulin VetPen Needles (Pack of 100)

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  • Caninsulin syringes

    Caninsulin Syringes 0.5ml U40 (pack of 30)

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  • chorulon horses, cattle and dogs

    Chorulon 1500 IU Powder and Solvent

    per box of 5 £79.00
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  • Zitac Vet Tablets for Dogs

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  • vidalta tablets cats

    Vidalta Tablets for Cats

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