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Small Animal

Farm Animal

  • packs of advantage spot on for dogs, cat and rabbits

    Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment for Cats and Dogs

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  • bottle of galliprant for treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs

    Galliprant Tablets for Dogs

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  • 20gram tube of katalax for fireballs and hairballs in cats

    Katalax Paste for Furballs in Cats

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  • pack of 6 program suspension for large cats.

    Program Large Cat Suspension Flea Treatment

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  • milbemax dog wormer

    Milbemax Wormer for Dogs and Puppies

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  • milbemax chewable tablets for dogs and puppies

    Milbemax Chewy Dog and Puppy Tablets

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  • combinex wormer for sheep

    Combinex for Sheep

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  • zolvix oral worming solution for sheep

    Zolvix 2.5% Oral Solution for Sheep

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  • remend corneal repair gel

    Remend Corneal Repair Gel

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  • dectomax cattle sheep horses

    Dectomax 10mg/ml injectable solution for cattle and sheep

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  • Veraflox Tablets for Dogs and Cats

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  • bottle of surolan ear drops for dogs

    Surolan Ear Drops for Dogs and Cats

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  • program plus

    Program Plus Tablets for Dogs

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  • onsior tablets dog

    Onsior Tablets for Dogs

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  • Strongid P horse wormer oral paste

    Strongid P wormer Paste for Horses

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  • capstar tablets dogs and cats

    Capstar Flea Tablets for Cats and Dogs

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